Personal Finances

I was raised in the 90’s. What does that mean for personal finances? We knew the joys of working hard labor all summer and saving every penny we made, only to spend every dime on the latest trends at the Gap, buying the latest design of Doc Martens at Nordstrom’s, and scouring the Mall to find outfits and styles I couldn’t live without.– All at full price.

I have always loved being unique in how I decorate my home, my garden style and what I choose to wear.

Desire to be Different than the Crowd

I have never wanted to show up at school, wearing the exact same outfits as my fellow classmates. If there is a trend or something that is wildly popular, I am generally adverse to what the latest trend is, based on the fact that it is popular. I know what I like and if something becomes popular, well then… suddenly it has sincerely lost it’s appeal.

I also LOVE to save a dollar. Don’t I love to get the most bang for my buck. You bet I love the earth and hate fast fashion. Believe me, I love cozy Nordic sweaters and old worn in Levi’s and cozy teeshirts. Copper pots, mediocre art by hopeful aspiring artists, furniture that is well built and solid wood that if they could talk would have fabulous stories to tell.

Mismatched kitchens, where every item is handpicked and beautiful and paperbacks that bring me joy and those who come here have a paperback of choice something to read. Items that have a story and a history add character and charm. I love terra cotta in the garden in all shapes and sizes and stuffing them full of plants we can eat from, smell, see and enjoy. I am a sentimental sap.

Big Box Stores verses the Little Guys

Which brings me to my next thought. I don’t shop big box stores. They make my cranky. I prefer a home, wardrobe, and garden that evolves with time. I evolve with time, shouldn’t the spaces around me and how I dress myself as well? The way I achieve this on a budget is to shop second hand. The hunt is the majority of the thrill. Supporting local makes my heart feel full. I love garage sales, where items aren’t filling land fills, but are getting the opportunity at a new life. It’s a creative process for me.

How can I create what I see on Pinterest and on social media, with what is in front of me and a few dollars. The patience I gain, as I am not a patient person, for waiting for a long time for the right piece as opposed to throwing up items is gratifying too. I am not in love with or a bunch of cheap clothes, instead I choose a few quality items that I can give to my grandchildren.

Why Being Different Pays Off in the End

I love knowing at night that I get to be creative and create beauty around me. One of the most creative ways that I do this is stay within a budget. When I am more intentional when my spending, I feel more fulfilled. I want the majority of income to be based on buying healthy food for my family and saving for our future. Also, the joys of being financially free are priceless. Life is one big grand adventure. I love the process of learning how to be financially smart and at the same time achieve what I set out to create. Cheers.